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What is PMDD?

PMDD is known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, which happens 7-10 days before your period is due to start. Often feeling irritability, sadness, insomnia, brain fog, anger and difficulty in concentrating. Around 1 in 20 women suffer with these feelings and they become so strong that they interfere with everyday life such as friendships, family and working life. 

What is the difference between PMDD and PMS?

Although there are some similarities in PMDD and PMS the main difference is the emotional mood symptoms make daily life debilitating and want to make rash decisions such as end a relationship, end a job role or to commit suicide. Life with PMDD can make waking up and living life over whelming. 

What is PMS?

PMS is Premenstrual Syndrome which affects 90% of menstruating women. With some of the same symptoms a PMDD suffer, a PMS suffer is on a milder less debilitating scale. Although PMS for some women can be excruciating and can be debilitating, this will last a matter of days before or while they are menstruating.  

What causes PMDD and PMS?

PMDD and PMS have been acknowledged in the medical world since the 1800’s. The disorder has been re-named multiple times such as Premenstrual Tension, Menstrual Molimina, Premenstrual Intoxication and Late luteal phase dysphoric disorder to name a few. There is no known cause but has been linked to hormonal sensitivity.

What are the treatments for PMDD and PMS?

Although there is no magical pill and whilst you are menstruating you will have to learn strategies to manage your symptoms. This is why you need to log, monitor all your symptoms, so you can always be ahead of the game going into a new cycle. Once this knowledge has been gained its time to take the information to a specialist who can help with a diagnosis. 

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